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Encouragement for Beginner Sewists

Posted by Kara Ballinger on

Encouragement for Beginner Sewists

Encouragement for Beginner Sewists

Do you want to start learning to sew but feel overwhelmed or scared? I want to offer some words of encouragement for those who have a desire to become a sewist and make things with their hands.

You may be in one of two corners. The first group have never touched a sewing machine. You have never met in person—maybe flirted online and thought “Ok, now what?”

The other group, well, you met, but things ended badly, and you are not currently on speaking terms.

If you can’t confidently say “Yes, I am a sewist (and love it)!” Then this is where you need to be.

First of all, you can do this!

That’s really all you need to know. I could just stop right now! But seriously, you CAN do this. Anything you are good at now probably took practice to get good at. You may be new to sewing, but you aren’t new to learning. Sewing is a great opportunity to cultivate the importance of lifelong learning, creativity, and self-reliance in your home. Challenge yourself to try something new!

Next, keep it simple.

Sewing probably feels intimidating to start because there are so many components. There are different tools, machines, stitches, patterns, techniques, fabrics, etc. The thought of navigating the components can feel overwhelming, especially when you are doing it on your own.

My advice is to keep it simple. Sewing, at the most basic level, is moving thread back and forth through fabric. Most projects can be done with just one or two stitches and a basic sewing machine. You don’t need to know every skill or own every tool to become a successful sewist. Learn one thing at a time and practice as you go.

If you want to save time and grow faster, I recommend you get guidance along the way. Our pre-cut sewing kits are a great way to do that. Each kit comes with all the materials needed to complete and project and include tutorial videos to walk you through each step. Our Practice Pack is a great place to start. 

Don’t let fear stop you.

If you have a desire to be a sewist but aren’t, why not?

I think it’s totally reasonable to feel nervous whenever you’re starting something new or following a dream or passion. That’s normal! But you cannot let it stop you! Sometimes you just have to do it scared. Do the thing even though it feels out of your comfort zone or you’re unsure of how it will go. Join a group of other beginners and experts. The former provides motivation and the latter gives you the tips you need as you go. Don’t be afraid to be a beginner. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. You can’t get good at something until you allow yourself to start.

You can join our online community of sewists, The Hive Makery Beehive, to learn alongside other beginners.

You won’t regret it.

I promise it is worth it! Sewing is such a rewarding and useful hobby. You can make so many things! Clothes, toys, gifts, décor, costumes and so much more. Want to customize and alter your family’s clothes to fit you perfectly and add details that are totally unique to you? Finding ways to repair and rework clothing is a lost skill that is being rediscovered.

And probably the best of all—

Sewing is a wonderful form of self care. There is something so rewarding and satisfying about making something with your own hands. Imagine escaping to your sewing area, forgetting about the to do list, and finding the joy in creating something beautiful. Sewing is truly a skill you will never regret having. It is the carpentry of fabric. If you like the feeling of buying products locally, you will love making them yourself. I mean, you can’t get more local than that!

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  • Thanks for doing this!!! I’m sew excited to get better at sewing!

    Leah Marie on

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